"Worst scene in the movies, best tournament on the scene!"

February 19-20, 2022 Turning Stone Casino Resort

5218 Patrick Road, Verona, NY 13478



FFG Official Floor Rules will be in full effect.

1. This is a COMPETITIVE TIER event. New products must have been officially released by February 9th 2022 to be legal for the Canto Bight Cup.

2. Armies will consist of 800 points or less and follow standard list-building procedures found in Star Wars: Legion official Rules Reference

3. Players should submit their army composition, including all associated Battle Cards and Command Hand via by February 14th.

4. All miniatures need to be fully assembled and painted to a "three color standard". This can be as simple as a single color basecoat, with a wash on it, and a painted base of a different color. Failure to adhere to this standard will result in receiving a Hard Warning, as per the Fantasy Flight Floor Rules. A Hard Warning is worth 2 Penalty Points. Players who accumulate 5 Penalty Points are Disqualified.

5. Completely proxying miniatures is not allowed, with the exceptions of Yoda and Wookie Warriors, as explained in item #6 below. Significant conversions or modifications of Star Wars Legion miniatures, as well as any allowed proxies, must be approved in advance by Canto Bight Cup staff – contact Dave ( or Chris ( via email and include pictures of the mini you desire to use, and what you are intending to use it as, including all upgrades.

6. Limited proxies of the following products will be allowed: Yoda Commander (SWL82), Wookiee Warriors [2021] (SWL83). Minis: Yoda may be represented by any small-based trooper miniature, but must use an official Star Wars: Legion base. Converted miniatures are allowed. Wookiee Warriors may be represented by any official Wookiee trooper models. Minis must not cause significant confusion, at the discretion of the TO and Head Judge - fair warning: we really, really expect any Yoda proxies to either look like Yoda, or be carrying a lightsaber. We feel it is unfair otherwise.

Unit and upgrade cards: any cards that were introduced in these products may be proxied. They must be printed and physically present, just as any usual non-proxy card. The new cards introduced in these boxes are listed below:

  • Yoda unit card
  • Republic Chewbacca unit card
  • Wookiee Warrior unit cards (Rebel and Republic)
  • Wookiee Chieftain unit card
  • Burst of Speed
  • Force Lift
  • Protector
  • Long Gun Wookiee
  • Battle Shield Wookiee
  • Into the Fray

Command cards: These command cards may be proxied. They must be printed and sleeved, such that they are indistinguishable from the rest of the player’s command cards.

  • Size Matters Not
  • There Is No Try
  • Luminous Beings
  • Size Matters Sometimes
  • Three Wookiee-themed generic cards


Saturday schedule:

  • 0800-0845 Player check-in, table assignments
  • 0845-0900 Player Meeting
  • 0900-1145 Round 1
  • 1145-1200 Report scores, new pairings and table assignments
  • 1200-1300 Lunch, Paint Judging
  • 1300-1545 Round 2
  • 1545-1600 Report scores, new pairings and table assignments
  • 1600-1845 Round 3
  • 1845-1900 Report scores, new pairings and table assignments for Sunday

Sunday schedule:

  • 0845-0900 Player Meeting
  • 0900-1145 Round 4
  • 1145-1200 Report scores, new pairings and table assignments
  • 1200-1300 Lunch, Paint Judging
  • 1300-1545 Round 5
  • 1545-1600 Report scores, new pairings and table assignments
  • 1600-1845 Round 6 (this round will be eliminated if there are no more than 32 players)
  • 1845-1900 Report scores
  • 1900-1930 Awards, Prize Raffle, Final Announcements



  • Champion, Second Place, Third Place – Best Records
  • Best Painted - Determined by Event Staff using a rubric
  • Best Sportsmanship - Voted on by opponents
  • Rolling Thunder - Best Record with Most Vehicles
  • There Can Be Only One! - Best record with a Highlander list
  • Grand Moff - Best Imperial Record
  • Hero of the Rebellion - Best Rebel Record
  • Viceroy - Best Separatist Record
  • Clone Commander - Best Republic Record


Players Should Bring:

  • Their army (to include minis and all cards used)
  • Three copies of their army composition --
    • Two without Battle Cards or Command Hands for the player and opponent
    • A third WITH Battle Cards and Command Hands for the Judge
  • Order tokens for each unit
  • Command hand
  • Sufficient dice for attack and defense rolls
  • Movement and range tools


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